Swak Designs sent me another cute #swakambassador outfit. This outfit is outrageously cute and I could wear it everyday. Seriously, I could wear each of these items so many different ways, with so many other things! The Denise chiffon skirt (coral stripe) runs small, so I ordered 2 sizes up and it’s too big. I held it up with a bobby pin and by flipping the thick black elastic waistband in. Which actually turned out super cute, it flowed well with the bella top. I’m really not worried about the sizing of the skirt, I have a big bum, it does stay on when it’s worn normally. I do plan to head to Pinterest for a little DIY to fix the sizing. We’ll see, we’ll see. I have a long list of DIY’s. LOL Anyways, as I mentioned they also sent along the bella top (also coral), this top is super cute! I also sized up in this top, it seems I could I have actually ordered my size for a more perfect fit. However, this top can be worn so many ways. I can’t wait to knot it up and put on some jeans or shorts! Styling options seem endless, but shoot locations for this outfit…well there weren’t options.  As soon as I got my package I knew exactly where I’d go to shoot the photos, at a freshly painted local mural. The mural wasn’t only perfect color wise, but it also sends a fantastic message. YOU ARE LOVED! It couldn’t be better.

No matter where you are in your journey of life, not only is it important to love yourself. But to also remember that someone loves YOU! You have, do and will touch people’s lives. You will always make a difference to someone, even when you think you aren’t. Maybe it’s your neighbor, someone at the grocery store, a random stranger or an aquaintance. Really the list could go on and on.  You impact people without realizing it and people impact you without realizing it. So when you think you’re down, remind yourself that you are LOVED! This is why I almost always smile at strangers and pretty much everyone, it’s a small silent action, yet speaks volumes. Smiles have been known to turn a frown upside down. You see someone frownin’? Cast a smile in their direction, it costs you nothing, but could mean everything to them. Anyways, not looking to be preachy around here, well at this moment. I just want to remind you that even if you find you’re having  hard time appreciating and loving yourself, know other people do. Know you are worthy of love, regardless of any past, future or current choices/mistakes. Now go on, take a looksie at this cute outfit!

I did get some super cute shots at the mural, then of course I had to bench it and get some cute sitting photos! Plus there was the cute ski lift! Photos below! XOXO Leah


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** While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own**

4 thoughts on “Pink, it was love at first sight!”
  1. Girl you look so pretty!! I love everything about this outfit, the color, the stripes and most of all the cleavage 😍 Also the mural is amazing, goes perfectly with you!

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