I love, LOVE , LOOOVEEE bargin buys! What do I love more? Bargin buys at Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant tends to be a bit pricy most of the time, usually I only shop there if there is a sale going or if I’ve got coupons! I found this adorable pink skirt on the clearance rack for $4.98, less than $5 for this cute AF pink skirt! I couldn’t even believe it, clearly it was meant to be! This pink skirt and I are the perfect match. I paired it with a cute pink top they had in the store, which was not on sale, however that was justified by the coupon I brought in with me. The way the top laces up is so perfect, it provides a nice tasteful cleavage! Let’s be honest, I love my cleav! I couldn’t help but to wear a cute black choker that I had picked up at Claire’s with my Jelly Pop shoes! 
This outfit made me feel like a princess! Tell me how else you’d style this super cute skirt! 💖