Pinkilicious Bargin Buy! 

I love, LOVE , LOOOVEEE bargin buys! What do I love more? Bargin buys at Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant tends to be a bit pricy most of the time, usually I only shop there if there is a sale going or if I’ve got coupons! I found this adorable pink skirt on the clearance rack for $4.98, less than $5 for this cute AF pink skirt! I couldn’t even believe it, clearly it was meant to be! This pink skirt and I are the perfect match. I paired it with a cute pink top they had in the store, which was not on sale, however that was justified by the coupon I brought in with me. The way the top laces up is so perfect, it provides a nice tasteful cleavage! Let’s be honest, I love my cleav! I couldn’t help but to wear a cute black choker that I had picked up at Claire’s with my Jelly Pop shoes! 
This outfit made me feel like a princess! Tell me how else you’d style this super cute skirt! 💖

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  1. Love this outfit! I love Lane Bryant but always try to use my coupons, shop clearance, or shop during the sales due to it being so expensive already. Love your blog!!

  2. There’s nothing I enjoy more than bargain buys, great find! Glad you feel like a princess, you DEFINITELY look like a princess.


  3. Such a great deal, Leah!!! I love the way you styled it! I have a similar skirt and I’ve worn it with multiple tops. My fave was a loose blue & white striped crop top with an open back!

  4. That skirt looks amazing on you! You carry that color perfectly! I’d probably throw on a tiny tee and my converse all stars with it but I love how you put this together – you really do look like a fairy pink princess!

    1. Thank you lovely!!! I love the idea of pairing it with some converse! What a great idea 🙂 💖

  5. Girl you are just darling.

  6. I love this entire outfit. Especially since the skirt was $5! what a steal! Bargain buys are my absolutely FAVORITE. I literally live my life looking for my next good deal. And that top is EVERYTHING!

  7. I love this outfit! It’s good to know LaneBryant has these kinds of prices. I usually do what you do and shop the sales because they are a bit pricey. Thanks for letting me know I don’t have to wait.

    1. Yesss, the clearance and sale racks can be amazing! Especially at the outlets!! 💗💜

  8. You’re so pretty, pink really suits you! I love the skirt and laced shirt, you truly look like a beautiful princess 💖

    1. How do I become a real life princess?? 😂😂 I love pink so it’s perfect how well it suits me! 😘💖💖 Thank you beautiful!

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