A couple of months ago, I posed for a boudoir photo shoot.  It was amazing – the photos were nearly flawless and I felt liberated while doing it. I wore a couple different cute lingerie pieces.  I was 100% comfortable, I chatted up a storm the entire time and I was confident my photos were going to be like nothing I’ve ever seen. Okay… I also almost poked my eye out on a few separate occasions during the shoot, due to me rolling around cackling like crazy lady not paying attention to the space I was taking up. THAT IS RIGHT! NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE SPACE I WAS TAKING UP!!! I was just rolling around getting close and closer to her lights… and the pokey things in them. I felt cute and beautiful, I looked cute and beautiful, my makeup was on spot, my hair was OKAY. Let’s be real, my hair could ALWAYS be better, I don’t even brush it half the time, and I’m not sure if you actually want to discuss my shampooing schedule. HAHA!

Boudoir shoots are liberating, confidence boosting, and empowering experiences: An experience that allows a woman to see her body in a different way. Many women can’t even recognize themselves when they see the photos, they are in complete disbelief that they could look so sexy and beautiful. For some women, a life changing perspective on her body and confidence, which is undeniably an amazing event. When I saw the final product, the edited images, I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked! Like I mentioned they were nearly flawless, aside from the obvious big body; #sorrynotsorry but I am not and will not be considering that a flaw. I began to really love the photos, they looked amazing and I knew I felt amazing while they were taken. Much like many other women who do a boudoir shoot, I just couldn’t believe that I looked so good. My thighs were flawless, dimpleless, veinless, thick thigh perfection. That was the first thing I had noticed, the lack of imperfections in my thighs. Something I’d grown to accept and love over time and now suddenly I was falling in love with photos that didn’t even show my imperfections.  Which yes… I realize this is the purpose. However, I felt as if I’m in love with something my body wasn’t.

I thought they were the best photos ever of me, no photo could ever top my newfound love for the boudoir shoot I had done.

This all changed the second my best friend Nikki did a raw nude shoot for me. We just went to the backyard, did some outfit photos… then I lost the outfit! My natural beauty mixed with nature was absolute perfection. It had just been raining the ground was soft, cold, wet and I just didn’t even care! It was extreme freedom so much more so than the boudoir. I mean I was totally nude outside! Before I stripped down I asked Nikki, “are you going to stare?”  That’s when we both died laughing for days and moved the fuck on. As funny as it is, my biggest concern was holding onto my breasts for the dear life of me. I stood, I squatted, I sat, and I had FUN! While it was happening, I wasn’t concerned what the photos were going to look like, I didn’t spend twenty minutes thinking about poses. I really didn’t think about this at all, I just said let’s do this. I moved in ways that FELT good to me. I held my body in ways that seemed natural and comfortable. I did this without direction, just with an amazing friend behind the camera, for free. Yup, for free! Nikki does my shoots in exchange for Bff love! 😍👯💁🏻 She’s damn amazing and I’m so proud of her developing photography skills, as I look freaking amazing in these photos and all the photos she takes!

I love these raw photos so much more, I can see my imperfections, my natural beauty with my dimples and divots everywhere. It’s what I like to call flawed perfection. It feels so amazing to be able to recognize that I like the unedited photos so much and even more amazing to be able to recognize WHY! It’s because I love my body, I’m familiar with my body, and it’s strange to have pieces and parts airbrushed. That’s not me! I want to see the real me, I want to be the real me. I’m not saying I don’t love the boudoir photos. They just aren’t an accurate picture of what I look like. In the end, I would do both shoots again and very well may. The important message I want to leave is yes boudoir can provide a HUGE confidence boost, however, so will natural raw photos. Generally, the point of boudoir is perfection, I challenge you all to get in touch with imperfections, go nude and unedited!