I just want Spring weather, cute tops, capris, and sandals but it’s not here yet, not in Vermont at least. It of course had to snow and ice storm over the weekend, I actually have some new Xehar outfits to shoot and share with you. Too bad the weather has to be crumby, maybe this coming weekend! I have some super cute Xehar pieces that I’ve been holding out on.

I know everyone has been just obsessed with this Jumpsuit, so I’m welcoming  new week by sharing all my favorite photos of this outfit! If you also love this jumpsuit below you will find links to each color! Make sure to use Leah15 for a discount! 🙂

Maroon Jumpsuit (what I’m wearing)

Olive Jumpsuit ( I own this, can’t wait to wear it all summer)

Burgundy Jumpsuit

Break out of your fashion box and try new things, try strapless, try a jumpsuit, try something hugs or accentuates your belly! Before you even wonder, yes this strapless jumpsuit stays UP. Not once did it fall down, this one that I modeled on set or the one that I’ve already worn to TWO events at home. It’s comfortable, versatile, and damn fashionable! Maybe I’ll get it out and wear it again soon once it finally warms up, which should be after this coming weekend.

I have no real plans for this week, besides hoping, waiting and wishing for Spring! Hopefully I’ll find something fun to do this coming weekend, been wanting to adventure, now that we are slowly exiting the winter scene. Comment and tell me what you’re doing this week or what you are looking forward to this coming weekend!



p.s. the clutch and shoes are also totally Xehar! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ready to Jump into Spring but Winter won’t leave!”
  1. I absolutely LOVE the way that clutch picks up the colors of your hair – such a subtle touch, but it really ties the outfit together. You’re just rocking the heck out of this jumpsuit, babe! Xoxo

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