Ready to THINX about your PERIOD?

Hey babes! I was super serious about getting more in touch and sharing on my blog more often, so here we go again!

Have you heard of THINX?? Thinx are period panties!! Period panties?? I know, seems sketch but actually they can super handy! I tossed my tampons behind and tried out the period panties.  They have cuts for each type of flow. I got the cheeky cut, which will hold about 1 tampons worth. I chose this option because I wanted to experiment with cutting out panty liners/lite tampons towards the end of my period. These can be used to replace tampons, pads, liners, and cups or just use them as a safe backup!

The panties are comfortable, soft and seem to be absorbent! I wore them during the evening, while on the end of my period and really had no issues. Honestly, these would be really handy for long flights or in situations when getting to the bathroom often might not be an option, these period panties make a great backup.

Purchase the panties here and use code BODYLOVE5 for a discount!!


While this is a sponsored post, opinions are always my own.

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