I know, I know, yet again it’s been forever since I’ve sat down and written anything for you! My 2019 is starting out with a brain that’s been seriously preoccupied. I’m going to try super hard to be a bit more consistent for you and myself. Here it is and February is almost over, Spring is around the corner and I’m ready to ditch my winter coat. What else does that mean? It’s time to amp up your closet with some Spring essentials and colors – but do it affordably.

I’ve had some comments and dm’s asking how you caneconomically add closet necessities with the change of each season. Normally Iwould just toss a simple answer your way, “watch for deals”.  Which yes, of course you should watch fordeals. Your favorite stores always have sales going on or something that iscoming down the pipeline. However, if you want an easier way to watch for dealsI’ve got a cheat guide coming your way at the end. First, I want to talk fun,in person economic shopping suggestion. Consignment & thrift shops arewhere it’s at! No, I am not talking about your run of the mill Goodwill store. I’mtalking about your locally owned boutiques, those are the spots you’ll find super unique pieces.

How do I know? Because I recently started working at a cute little (but not so little) consignment shop in Albany. Yes, I also consign some of my clothes there, it’s much easier than sites like Poshmark. I don’t have to worry about listing, pricing or shipping, I don’t have time to track all of that. My personal preference has been to just bring my items in and poof, done until I get payout or I just use my credit to shop. YUP, that’s right. I’ve been adding some seriously cute pieces to my closet that I’ve picked up from the shop. Including the blue top you see pictured throughout this post. It’s a Chico’s top that I got for a minimal price! I’ve also gotten a cute Betsey Johnson, some fun AF heels that you’ll see coming to my feed shortly. Then my favorite item so far has been this faux fur vest below! Don’t be afraid of consignment & thrift boutiques, find the good ones, they all have standards and guidelines that they follow. This is where you can find some of the most unique pieces.

The cheat guide I mentioned above about find the best steals and deals? It’s just that, a cheat guide created for you by some of the best plus babes. That’s right, there are plus babes out there making it their priority to find and share steals and deals for you. They make it so easy, links, photos, and prices included. I mean honestly the Sunday steals that Rosey of @roseybeeme shares are amazing, I look forward to see what she shares each Sunday even if I’m not shopping! The other fabulous babe who loves to share deals is Miranda of @thepluslifeblog – Miranda shares her deals on insta and facebook and shares a great size range, her fav pieces along with prices. Between both of these babes your plus size range shall be covered along with your wallet and style.

I hope this helps you affordably add some Spring fun into your closets!


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