Skinny Jeans and a Fat Babe! 

For the longest time I literally thought I was too fat to wear skinny jeans! I had even purchased a pair, got them home and decided I was too fat. I held onto them for years! It wasn’t until this last fall that I decided they’d look great on me! Thank you body positivity!! This spring I was shopping clearance racks at my local Lane Bryant Outlet and came across a pair of skinny jeans I knew I wouldn’t be able to live without. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve worn them. I wear them at least once a week! That’s right, I rewear clothes!! 😂 
As you know I mainly shop sale racks so these jeans aren’t even avaiblabe on the Lane Bryant website anymore! I can’t give you a link to these direct jeans, however, here are some links to my dream skinny jeans at LB! 

 Patchwork Cuties

Because I’m a Wanna be Artist

Sale Find!

Above I’ve styled the jeans with a super cute jacket I picked up (on sale, duh) from Forever 21 +, a cute tank from Tractor Supply (Yup, totes went shopping with mother there) and my adorbs princess shoes from Target! As I said, the jacket was on sale, so it is not longer available, but I did find the next best one available! 

Next Best Bomber
Disney Princess Shoes
I’m not giving a link for the tank top! Haha I’m not even sure if Tractor Supply has online shopping? 

Below I’ve paired the paired the jeans with a cute Lane Bryant lace cami (no longer in stock online, but the link for camis is Here !) and a jacket I got from the Dress Barn years ago!  I also decided these super cute Jelly Pop pumps would totally complete this outfit and they sure did! 

Ladies, let these photos prove to you that any fat babe with a will can wear skinny jeans!! 

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  1. I love these jeans! They fit you PERFECTLY! I especially love how you styled them with the floral sweater and heels, I am totally gonna steal that look come this fall!

    1. Thank you!!! You totally should 🙂 💖💖 It’s be such a cute fall outfit! Can’t wait to mix them with cute fall booties too!

  2. I just can’t quit skinny jeans. Can’t stop won’t stop.

    1. I love them now!! Can’t believe I had missed out for so long!

  3. I really love the first look with the bomber jacket, you look like the cutest cheerleader ever! Also, how can you be so flexible in skinny jeans? I can barely move in mines 😅

    1. Hahahaha I should’ve mentioned that they are stretchy!!!! Hahahaha thank you, that is such a cheerleader look! Ahahah love it😘

  4. Despite the name skinny jeans really are for everyone so glad you FINALLY took the leap!
    Dasha |

    1. Thanks love! It’s amazing when we discover something we’ve been afraid of 😆💖

  5. Aw you look so happy! & those Jeans are great on you; you had no reason to be scared to wear them 😊

    1. Thank you so much!!! So glad I realize it now 😊😊💜

  6. Love those jeans on you! So happy you realized that skinny jeans can be for anyone! Also i’m into that F21 jacket!

    1. Thank you!! I feel so high school in the jacket! 🤣 it’s already got lip stick stains too 😑😑

  7. I love you in skinny jeans!! I also love all of your unique poses! 😂 You are too funny girl! 😘

    1. Hahaha thank you for allll of that!!!😘❤️

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