Snag Tights Review | Sexy Mock Garters

Hey babes! I hope you’ve been having a lovely fall! I’ve been layering up the outfits to stay cute, warm and remain confident + sexy while all bundled up (okay, there’s nothing sexy about winter coats). However, I have found the perfect addition to my layering outfits! Which is why I’ve partnered with Snag Tights to feature their Mock Garters! YES, that is right, MOCK GARTERS. They were sent from above, right from heaven.

Firstly, let’s start with Snag Tights! Who are they? Where are the tights made? Are they inclusive?

They are female founded and a female led company! Snag has employees ALL over the word! Snag Tights are made in Italy. They are ethically & sustainably produced by a wonderful team with the passion to be inclusive. The tights are vegan friendly and are ALSO, the words FIRST fully bio-degradable tights. Not only are they making an impact on humans but also for our Earth. One of the first things I noticed, was the adorable packing. They don’t use any plastic – AMAZING! The offer tights for ALL – sizes range from 2 to 34, they truly are inclusive. They create tights for everyone! The sizing is super easy to determine (as long as you know your size & height). I used their size chart to decide that I’m a size G — they fit perfectly! When they arrive, they might look small but they will FIT! They’ve got quite the stretch.

It’s SO important to keep your confidence AND be comfortable. Especially as a plus size babe – the struggle is REAL when it comes to tights. I have one pair that are supposed to be my size – they are TOO BIG, I’ve also got a pair that are a size larger than I would need, they’re TOO SMALL. Not only are the Snag Tights comfortable but they fit super well, with a soft buttery feeling. The mock garters from Snag are so much more comfortable than your traditional garters. Not to mention, they are much easier to put on and wear throughout the day. I’m not sure about you but when I wear garters, the clips will randomly pop off and I’m left with a stocking that’s ready to fall. No clips to fasten, no falling stockings, that’s just what I want! I’m already planning to wear my mock garters to work and really anywhere. I’ve also discovered there are two ways to wear them (for me anyways), pull them right up to the top of your thigh or let them sit a little lower for an even sexier feel.

Let’s also chat about how they did NOT SNAG! Here’s the deal: I was pulling my bra out of my bag and it was stuck. I naturally kept pulling & yanking, come to find out, it was actually stuck to my tights! I was so super worried I had torn them but they were perfectly fine! I’m not saying take the scissors to them but they’ve got durability – which is what I need, I always have nails on!

Don’t let me fool ya, Snag has so much more than the mock garters! They’ve got tights, footless tights, chub rub shorts, and even fishnets! They’ve got amazing colors and patterns, there’s a pair for every outfit.

As always babes, thank you for joining! Of course, if you decide to try Snag let me know! Tag me on your photos on socials, I want to see! 💖

While this blog post was sponsored, the review and words remain authentic.

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