I love makeup and I love introducing new tools into my makeup routine and that’s why I collaborated with Michael Todd Beauty! I’ve tried out their Sonicblend makeup brush, actually I’ve tried it  countless times, I use it almost every time I do my makeup. It leaves such a nice, even, and flawless foundation look. It’s so easy to use and is SO MUCH quicker than using regular brushes or beauty blenders. I’ve also noticed that when I use the Sonicblend I actually use so much less product that I would with my beauty blender (blender just soaks it all up), literally I’ve been using nearly less than half the product I had been. I’d say over time the price of this brush would certainly be a good investment for any beautybabe’s makeup routine.

I’m already wondering when I’ll need replacement brush heads! HAHA Below you can see my peacock print SonicBlend, this print is no longer available on their website so I’ve provided you with a link to my next favorite print!

Sonicblend Brush

I know you’re probably wondering about my super fun makeup looks below, they are BOTH created with the  new BH Cosmetics palette! It’s the Take me Back to Brazil palette, it’s super affordable, pigmented and so much fun! I’ve actually linked to the palette below, they are currently having a sale and it comes with three brushes!

Take me Back to Brazil

p.s. BH Cosmetics did not sponsor this post in any way. However, Michael Todd Beauty totally did send me this brush just to share with YOU!

Hope you enjoy!



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