I just really want to talk about and share my vests! They are amazing for a smidgen of coverage, also for adding character to so many outfits!


I’ve very much been enjoying two vests this summer.  One from Lane Bryant and one from the DressBarn. They are each very different and compliment my outfits in such ways. I like vests mainly because they provide a little extra coverage, which is great for the office environment.  They aren’t just a weekday or weekend article, they are for anytime!  I did mention that they provide a little extra coverage, sometimes I just don’t want to have such bare shoulders.  I’m not really one to be worried about my shoulders, but if you are, try out a cute new vest! I’ve worn mine a few different ways, check below to see the different ways I’ve worn my vests this summer!

Below you can see my Lane Bryant jean vest, I’ve worn it a few different ways this summer, these are my favorites!

The first picture on the top left, I’m wearing it with my Torrid corset top.  It goes perfectly with that top, and provides the exact shoulder coverage I mentioned earlier.

Next, on the top right, I’m wearing it with a maxi skirt and a plain top.  The vest gave my outfit some character it was lacking.  So cute and comfortable.

Lastly,  the bottom picture, I simply wore it with that outfit because I wanted to.  I love jean shorts & jean vests, why wouldn’t I have worn it with that fringe top??

Lastly, my most favorite outfit with this Lane Bryant vest…Styled with my Society Plus crop top!! First time I’ve worn a crop top, and I loved it! You should try it. Check it out!


Next I’ll showcase my DressBarn vest, now I know, both pictures are with blue dresses (different). Honestly, that vest just looks amazing with blue! I didn’t really need it for coverage, but I needed some pop and pazaz for those awesome dresses!!  Both of these dresses are Lane Bryant!


Now I encourage you to find a vest and fall in love with it! After all, Fall is coming and we can still rock these babies in the fall!

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