The pencil skirt that I’ll never be able to erase from my memory! 

Pencil skirts, skirts made of pencils? Nooo, skirts made of confidence, sexiness, and vulnerability.

I had always thought pencil skirts weren’t made for my body type, they’d make look horrible, my stomach would be the star, and that people would make fun. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG! 

I loved this pencil skirt, right up until it died last night! I only had the pleasure of wearing it 4 or 5 times before it ripped. 😫 Here’s to hoping Lane Bryant will just send me a new one, I mean I looked fabulous! Hahah 

Anyways, my booty looked amazing, and felt amazing in this skirt, it made me feel sexy, confident and POWERFUL. It didn’t make my stomach look awful, it looked great! 

Never be afraid to try something new, for it could be exactly what you’ve been looking for! If you’re afraid to wear a new item, just DO IT, chances are it’s going to look amazing! 

In memory of my late Jean zip skirt, here are some photos of it for you to feast your pretty little eyes upon. 😆 

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