Ladies, I’m not sure about you, but for me this has been the summer of swimsuits!  I’ve never wanted to wear a swimsuit so often!  This year, I’ve got two bikinis, and one tankini, it’s amazing I never pictured myself wearing any of them! Growing up I was always told my belly was too big for a tankini.  Well it’s not, and I’ve totally embraced it this year, I hope you can embrace your swimbody as well.

There’s an amazing movement on Instagram right now.  The #myswimbody movement, it’s so empowering and inspiring to see how many woman are accepting their bodies and influencing other women to do the same. I’m not quite sure when it became the norm to hide your body and to be afraid of it, but I’m done with that! No matter how big my arms look, or how much my cellulite is visible, or my fat, I’m done, I’m wearing whatever I want! I want you to do the same, wear something you’ve been afraid of, go out of your comfort zone and accept your “flaws.”

I know it’s hard to find decent supportive swimsuits, but ladies I’m loving Lane Bryant and Torrid this year! Check out the pictures below.


This first pink suit, is a bandeau top from Lane Bryant, it is multi tie, which I struggle with.  It looks great in the picture, but it took me at least 10 minutes to get it that way.  Not the swimsuit for on the fly swimming.  The bottoms are also Lane Bryant, they fit perfectly. I’ve totally embraced my belly and thighs here, letting them out into the sun, enjoying them.  As you can tell in this picture my thighs, cellulite and arms were the last things to be on my mind.


This next suit is also Lane Bryant,  a super cute tankini top, with skirt bottoms.  My only issue with the top is that it is slightly too tight, it rides up a smidgen, nothing that cannot be dealt with. It offers a bit more coverage, but also still super cute and beachy!



Lastly, this is a Torrid set, I love it to pieces! Not very much can be said about it, it says it all. It’s perfectly cute. My only issue was the bust area, it needed to be adjusted often, I could’ve used a size bigger, but then it would’ve been too big.  I think we all know that story a little too well!


So you’ve seen me in a couple of my swimsuits, you’ve seen that I’m not perfect.  I like everyone else have flaws, cellulite, big thighs, big arms, a belly, but it doesn’t stop me from being happy or enjoying the beach.  I encourage you to go out and get a suit that you never thought you’d wear.  You’ll look so much better than you think.  Trust me, I thought I would look horrible in all of these. Man o man, I was WRONG!  Go get it ladies!

5 thoughts on “The Summer of Swimsuits!”
  1. Yaaaaasss!!! So excited! Your website looks amazing on mobile, I adore your swimsuit commentary, and your spirit makes my heart happy.

    1. Thank you so much!! I searched for awhile to find a template that I liked that was also mobile friendly! I’m so glad it makes you happy!! I was so worried nobody would read this!! 🙂 🙂

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