Man oh man did I spend days deciding if I should try Dia & Co or not, I couldn’t be happier that I did. For $20 a month they’ve been sending me amazing clothing (5 items), every single month I’ve kept something, this month I’ve decided to keep it ALL!!!! I can’t not, everything is perfect for me, brands I’ve been looking to try, styles I’ve been curious about and I love them all! They fit perfectly in my wardrobe (only one of those items will be available for viewing at this point, I’ll update later as I wear those ones.)  For now, I’ll show some of the other things I’ve kept & why I love them so much!

Honestly my first box was complete mixed feelings, I thought I was going to keep the bag, but the next day I found an even cuter one at Khols! There was one obvious keep, and it was this super cute pink dress! I’ve worn it at least 3 or four times since I gotten it, and every time I do I get TONS of compliments.  The color pop is amazing!




Above you’ll see me with that cute purse I found at Khols!! This dress is the only item I kept from the first box.

Below is everything  I didn’t keep! The pants in both pictures are the same, I wasn’t a fan of the cargo pockets, I also wasn’t a fan of either of the shirts.


Now I’ll just show you everything I’ve kept since the first box!


Second box glories, I kept two items, and I couldn’t be more in love with the Lysse Fashion leggings I kept and this super cute comfy blue tunic. I did get a cute suede skirt as well, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted to keep another shirt, however, I knew that the leggings would be a much better splurge.  They sure have been!


First item and only item shown thus far from my third box! I love it, it’s perfect for fall and even winter, it’s not too heavy, I love the wide stripes & the colors. You’ll see me wearing my Lysse leggings again! I wasn’t a legging person until I got these.


This sums it up! Thank you for stopping in, I hope this encourages you to try new styles! If you’re thinking about Dia & Co you should try it out! All but one of the items they’ve sent me have been true to size.


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