Hi friends! Here we are in the full swing of Summer and all I’ve been doing is catching some good sun. I’ve been at the pool, the lake, and I’ve been tubing twice. I actually hadn’t ever been tubing before, don’t let your mind get crazy, this floating down the river tubing (not that crazy thing people do with boats lol). Not only have I been soaking up all the sun but I’ve also started a new job! I’ve been so busy with life, living the summer sun dream and starting a new job that I haven’t blogged as much as I have in the past. We talked about this last time remember? I’m just trying to write when my brain is ready and wants to, I’m not about that forced life (my brain is elsewhere right now). However, when I left work today I felt so accomplished that I knew I had it in me to go home and write! New job is inspiring me to be more productive in all of life? HECK YES!

Yup, that’s right! A new job, and let me tell you, so far I love it. I can’t wait to dive in and see where it goes. But you know what this means right? A new job = new clothes! I couldn’t help it, I wanted some cute new office outfits. Okay, also, I needed cute new office outfits that don’t have cleavage. HAHA Story of my life. So I decided to hit up my local DressBarn store for two reasons 1) they have great work wear 2) it’s affordable and stylish. Of course I love to splurge here and there but when I’m just looking to fluff my wardrobe I’m totally going to hit the sale racks. Which is just what I did. I hit the racks and found some really great deals, they were (and I think still are) having some super in-store discounts. I picked out my top 5 items that I would be able to mix into my wardrobe and wear in multiple ways throughout the summer.

  1. Lilac Double Weave Pant

I was originally looking for a black pant, but then I found this lilac pair and I had to have them. After all, they were only $21 (this is when you’ll learn I round up, they are actually $20.39 – from here on out, it’ll continue to roundup). I paired these pants with a regular black cami, a Dressbarn Kimono (linked as my next fav item!) and a pair of my treasured Unique Vintage Mary Jane Wiggle heels!

2. Floral Pom-Pom Kimono

I had to grab this cute Kimono purely because of the featured pom-poms! It was priced perfectly at $21. It’s super cute and can be worn a few different ways, which was the idea behind this shopping trip. Versatile wardrobe fluffers!

3. Button Back Cozy Top

Sadly, I’m not able to locate this top on the Dressbarn site, no link provided. It is Loft brand, and it was on sale for $20! Which was exactly why I had gotten it, a Loft piece for so cheap. Plus it’s a little sheer, which means each time I wear it I can wear a different colored tank or top underneath for a fun pop of color.

4. Tie Front Floral Tank

With this top I just LOVED the green color with the floral, needed it. It’s priced at $19 and is the perfect way to add some color to week, especially if you’re having a drab work week!

5. Ruffle Mixed Print Dress

When I saw this dress I fell right in love! I’m really into this mixed print business, floral with colorful stripes – it suits me perfectly. I can’t wait to wear it to work or everywhere! We’ll see what happens. HAHA Now, on the website this dress is priced at $30 – I paid $25. This is why I like to recommend visiting the store if possible, sometimes sales in store can be different and may have better deals! If you can get out if not, open a new tab and find yourself a coupon!

So those are the 5 items that I found in-store that I absolutely needed! Of course when you look you’ll find more than 5 items you like, I sure did. I think I had 15 items in the dressing room. That’s just what happens! I hope you’ll find this as motivation to start chasing those bargains!

Until next time babes! XOXO LEAH

*DressBarn links are NOT affiliate links, Unique Vintage links are.*

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