Hey babes! 

As you know last year was the year of bikinis for me! I’m already getting stoked for my bikinis of 2017, so excited that I’ve technically already bought two! However, recently a friend and I did a trip to the Torrid at the Mall of New Hampshire. Such a freaking fabulous trip! Literally between the two of us we tried on ALLL the bikinis! #goals would’ve been to buy ’em all. Hahahaha too bad my wallet was too small for all of them, I took home one beauty! I’m seriously contemplating showing up at a local hotel and just walking into the pool area like I’m staying there, just so I can swim in my bikini until they figure out I’m crazy bikini lady! It was so so hard for me to choose to which bikini to get, I had three favorites! Check out ALL the bikinis below, and then I’ll narrow it down to my favs, and ultimately the zeeeeee winner! I will say that the blue heart one was a STRONG contender, as it was 30% off! 🎉✨

Ahh, that pink tye dye one is to DIE FOR! Fits perfectly, sassy AF, bright and fun! Really no set backs for me! 

The blue one again, was super cute and a strong centender! It was on sale and looks damn good!! 
The pink mermaid scale one, also super cute! The bow sat weirdly, I wish it would’ve held form, maybe I would’ve thought more of it! 

The galaxy one!!!! I don’t think I need to say more, this bikini is all the rave, looks and feels fabulous!! 
Check out my top three choices below!

Yes, of course these were my favs! Ready for the winner?!? 

YASS! Galaxy print WON! 

Why? Well, I had no good reason to not get the pink one besides my wallet, that was HARD! The blue one was simple, it had that strap in the back, I decided if I was out with my husband, it would be annoying to ask him to tie it cute AF every time! So that was out! It was galaxy vs pinktown. Literally the only reason I got the galaxy one was because of the cute sexy boob strap! 😂  

I want you guys to go find the cutest bikinis for this summer!! You already have a beach body, so get some cute swim wear and have a good time! Summer is right around the corner, after Spring of course! 😉✨🦄 

Now, my friend and I obvisouly did bikini selfies together, DUH! She didn’t get any, although, she totally should’ve gotten the Disney mermaid one! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Bikinis are for everyone, don’t be afraid to try one! Torrid has such a great line that really does accommodate all body types! 

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  1. Loved them all you look beautiful, but Mel and I really loved the blue and the Galaxy one! Great choice! Now go rock that beach!

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