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I been postponing taking the time to make a post about the wedding!  I just wanted to be able to take the time to upload some cute photos for you! I also just wanted to talk about the wedding in general! I thought it was going to be such a mess!

Dress Shopping!

I was under the impression that going dress shopping was going to be a horrific experience. Why? Tv, movies, magazines, the fact that there is never a plus size dress in a window. I thought there were going to be such limited dress options, especially here in Vermont. Man oh man, I was wrong!

I made an appointment at a small town shop, and went with my fingers crossed. I lit candles that morning, spoke some words to my grandma, asking her to be there to help me have the best experience. I went shopping on what would have been my grandmas birthday, I knew she’d be there regardless. She was, I knew it.

I went in with my posse, everyone picked out dresses for me to try on. I found one, it was the second one I tried on, and that was IT! It was my dress! I tried on the others just to make sure, give them the benefit of the doubt. They didn’t even compare to the beautiful princess dress I picked. That was it, it didn’t take long, there were PLENTY of options. It wasn’t weird at all, being in the changing room with the fitting lady. Honestly, I was like yup I’m just going to whip this bra right off, then I did. HAHHA who cares?! Not me.😉

I specially did NOT go to Davids Bridal, and here’s why. Davids is a big chain, customer service at big chains tends to be subpar. That is not what I was looking for! I wanted options, dedication and trust. We can talk about Davids again in a bit, as I did bring my mother there to get her mother of the bride dress.  I got great service at our local chain Needleman’s. They hooked me up with a seamstress, she ended up being stressful AF for me. I didn’t get my dress alterations done until the weekend before the wedding.

The  Big Day!

Our wedding day was perfectly perfect, even thought it rained. It rained up until five minutes before were were about to walk down the aisle. My started by myself and my lovely ladies killing off countless bottles of champagne and stealing orange juice from the Inn.  We got ready, I had a great hair and makeup team who were friends (Hair by Laela). Our ceremony was lead by a friend from college, we had a cute sand ceremony, laughed, kissed, cried, and got married! Yup, got married, after all, that was the point! HAHA After the ceremony, we of course did photos while our guests had delicious apps & drinks and we just starved! Just kidding! We had an amazing wedding coordinator who made sure to also bring us apps & drinks, YAY! We had a delicious dinner, then danced the night away. I actually deserted my husband ALONE in the photo booth, to go dance with my friend because our song came on. Not exactly my proudest wedding moment, but I have to say the photo of him alone in the photo booth KILLS ME every time I look at it. I still consider printing it, it’s the cutest. We stayed up late into the night, after the pub at our venue closed, we decided we wanted all the snacks. By this time, it was already 12:30am, around here that’s well past bedtime for everyone and anyone! Getting food delivery period is usually iffy. An amazing friend immediately hopped on the phone, finding restaurants willing to make us food, let us pay over the phone and have a taxi pick it up. It took 35 minutes to organize, but we got it DONE! As soon as the snacks (mozze sticks, quesadillas, wings, onion rings, fries, pizza and freaking MORE) arrived,  I woke up the entire Inn by screaming “THE SNACKS ARE HERE”. Did I mention we had also befriended a couple from the Ukraine that was staying there, they joined us well into the night to enjoy our snacks. The more the merrier, and the merrier it was!

Enough!!!! Let’s just look at some photos right?!? Heck YESSSS!

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  1. I started following you about 3 months ago, and you are an inspiration to me! I am much older than you (48), but you have reminded me to embrace my size and live life to the fullest!!

    You looked amazing in your dress! The pictures are beautiful!

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