Who wears black? What’s your favorite color I wear? I wear alll the colors and occasionally I wear black. Black is weird for me, I’m not sure how to style it. If I wear it two days in row I fee dark and well weird. Generally I avoid black, which is funny because most people would say fat girls should wear black. It’s slimming or whatever they say it is. I don’t care if I wear colors that aren’t slimming, I just wear what I want! With that being said, be prepared for black!

 YoursClothingUK has totally color challenged me and sent me 3 black pieces to style (along with a couple other things)! I’m actually super excited, it’s a challenge, and I have sooo much color I can add! So here we go with this adorable sheer black skirt! I paired this skirt with my colorful Swak Designs top, they went together PERFECTLY! I wore it out and about on Saturday! Which brings me to mention my weekend! Which was amaze! So check out my outfit photos and then scroll right down and read about my weekend with a new lovely Instagram friend! 

A new Gram friend?!? NAHH, we’ve been Gram friends for a bit! We did finally meet in person though! 

Some of you may have noticed on Instagram that I had a friend drive up from Philly Friday after work! She drove straight up, just to spend the weekend with me! I was so damn excited, we talk everyday, about almost anything. We have many similarities and honestly when she pulled into my driveway at 4am, it was like I already knew her! We hung out for a bit, then she got some rest for a few hours then we went out and about!

We got up, did our thing, hung out, did our hair and makeup together. It was a super cute girls weekend! We bummed around Stowe, VT for a bit, I showed her some of my favorite places, introduced her to one of my bests! Who by the way, treated us like queens while we visited her working. We had a delicious lunch, I of course brought her out for a creeme! Duh! Hahaha nobody comes during the summer and doesn’t get a creemee. 😂  We also stopped and did some super cute outfit photos! Alicia did these adorbs outfit photos and I did some for her! We obviously also did selfies, DUHH! We had wanted to hit the beach Sunday, but fall weather decided to come by and wave with some wonderful wind. So we just chilled and enjoyed our time together before she drove home! Anyone else LOVE meeting new people?! I love making friends, connections and really just learning about other people and who they are! Who’s next?! 🤣

Because it’s nots selfies unless you get weird 😜

5 thoughts on “Weekend of Sheer Fun!”
    1. Ohhh thank you so much Lauren! You’re the sweetest! I was thinking of pairing it with a society + crop top next! WHATTT! Then maybe a fun jacket for fall? All the possibilities! Ahah 💖💖

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