Here it is! You guys sent some questions on Instagram and I answered! I KNOW, I didn’t do them ALL. That just means I saved some for a rainy day! So go ahead, enjoy!



What do I do to stay positive when I have a bad day?

Bad days are totally normal and everyone has them. I know people tend to think that I’m constantly happy an glowing with charm. Truth is I also have bad or down days. I beat them by remembering little things and wins I remember where I come from and how far I’ve come. I think about my future and that cute little dog face waiting for me at home. I remind myself things could always be worse. That I have a car, a job, a spouse, a roof over my head and family. But also, somedays I let the bad days win and let out a good cry. Sometimes a damn good cry is all we need.


How did my husband propose?

He got me a surprise trip to Disney World! Only I found out months before because they sent Disney mail and I thought it was SO suspicious. So he fessed up about my super fun vacation. Which allowed me to bother him EVERYDAY with my countdown to Disney and something new I was going to need for the Disney trip. Bet he wished they didn’t send mail. LOL So we went to Disney World for 5 days, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I could see giraffes and zebras right from our balcony! CUTIES they were, DUH! Also, pretty sure they loved me they seemed to hang around our area often. BABES knew we had a connection. Anyways, I was there for the giraffes but that point it felt like it. HAHAHA Anyways, how’d he propose. He had me bring a fancyyy dress, planned a secret dinner in Cinderella’s Castle! So that’s where it happened, at the end of dinner!! Then we had a private pontoon boat to watch the fireworks in!


How did I find and become part of the body positive movement?

I found the body positive movement last year shortly after I started my Voluptuousleah Instagram. I started out as a fashion blogger and from there drove right into body positivity. Jeez, if didn’t would I have ditched that one piece and shorts at the beach?!? Don’t EVEN know. I found so many inspirational ladies, made so many friends, and found an entire community to be part of.


What are my thoughts on being bopo but still trying to change aspects (ie using makeup, loosing weight)?

AH! Such a damn good topic. One that I will be expanding on in the next couple of weeks. Well in regards to working out and weight loss. I know that so many people think that you cannot be body positive and work out. In my opinion it’s possible, it happens. For me specifically I don’t work out to lose weight, if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, but I’ll still get stronger regardless. I walk, workout, bounce around on my yoga ball for something to do, to keep my strength, and be there for my future. I’m able bodied and totally believe that as long as I have a healthy relationship with my body then yes I can be body positive and workout. As far as makeup, I LOVE makeup and that’s no secret. I’ve been doing my makeup for years! I don’t always do my makeup the same, sometimes I go to work with barely any on, I go to the store and shopping bare faced. I see makeup as a form of art, basically the only form of art that I can do and make look cute.

If you could tell your 10 year old self something what would it be?

That the boy who said he didn’t want to sit next to my fat arms was just that. A boy. His opinion of me and fat arms were irrelevant and would never be his business. I would tell myself that I could be stronger and better than off the body shaming bullies I’d encounter in life.


What do you want to tell your 50 year old self?

This. Is. Hard. I have no idea what my older self will need to know. What do I know is that I hope my 50 year old Leah will remain as confident, boisterous, and ridiculous as I am today.

How do I deal with haters?

 Haters gonna HATE. People who hide behind screens and bully/body shame have their own insecurities and issues going on. Even bullies IRL. It’s hard, I hate to stoop to the level that they go to but sometimes it’s hard not to. Sometimes I breakdown and tell them how it really is. Ask them to justify their behavior. Lately though, I’ve decided my time is worth more than that. Why should I waste my time, energy and words on these cowards who have no idea words have meaning? I shouldn’t. I’ve been doing it a lot LESS and guess what? It feels GOOD!


What is my favorite color? 

This is TOO hard! I love ALL the colors. I do tend to buy pinks and purples more than other colors. I probably wear pink at least once a week.

How many tattoos do I have and what would I get next?

Mhhhmm tattoos! I have three tattoos. A giraffe, a zebra and a star design (tramp stamp, yup). Yup, 18 year old Leah got herself a cute ol’ tramp stamp. I DO WANT MORE. I HAVE IDEAS! I want some sort of floral colorful design. Currently only one of my three tattoos have color. I’m also planning to get a chubby unicorn on my thigh, CUTE AF I know! I want a bobby pin, was thinking on the wrist or behind the ear. Not exactly sure. We’ll see, we’ll see.

What Do I watch for TV?  

My all time favorite TV Show is Friends! Of course. AHHA I also watch a million different things like Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Psych. I also get caught up in dumb reality TV yeah.

What do I read?

I read all sorts of things, magazines, books, internet crap. I fiction, sci-fi releated, romance, and suspense books. I have this thing where if I start a book and it’s not as entertaining as I had hoped I don’t finish it.

How did I get so comfortable in my own skin?

 I’ve always been a confident, as child, as a teen and now. That doesn’t mean I didn’t go through phases or be in situations where I was uncomfortable. In fact, I was the most uncomfortable in high school. I wore hoodies A LOT. I’d go home and on the weekends I’d wear tank tops, skirts, whatever I wanted. I’d go out with friends, I’d go to town whatever. I had always worn a once piece with shorts over it at the beach though, up until last year. I had my bad moments and my comfort zones. I do remember girls/women older than me had always noticed my confidence right off and would mention it. I’d say thank you. What they didn’t know and what I wished I said. They didn’t know I had bad days and totally sucked at being a beach babe. What I wish I said? I wish I’d told them that they also have the confidence, it’s within and you just have to reach for it.  It was when I learned that with breaking those comfort zones came new lines to cross and new levels of confidence. My confidence was always there, somedays more than others, it grew over time. It doesn’t mean I don’t have bad body confidence days now. I do, I did recently. I put tshirt away and went for a ¾ sleeve. What am I doing now? Sitting a bra typing this. I mean I’m not going anywhere right now, but I was prancing around the yard in that cute Lane Bryant #imnotangel set the other day. It’s all the same.

How do I feel knowing that so many of you look up to me and view me as a role model?

It makes me feel inspired, empowered, and fills my heart with warmth. For all the young girls out there that needed a role model, for all the women who need a reminder that it’s okay to be in the body you have and HAPPY. This is what I needed to see growing up and in high school.   it’s just overwhelming sometimes reading messages and comments, it’s all fuel for my fire and keeps me going. Reminds me why I do what I do. I’d always needed this kind of inspiration/role model in my life and to be that for someone else gives a feeling that cannot be described.


When will Voluptuousleah swag be available for purchase?

AH! I know people are wondering about this and I’ve been bouncing ideas off people! Basically at this point I’m waiting on some designs to come back to me! I have ideas for shirts/stickers/notepads. EVERYTHING! What I don’t have is an actual voluptuousleah logo, if you’re artistic and you have ideas SEND THEM ALONG! PUHLEASE! I’m artistically challenged and I need all the help I can get. So that’s the update there, things are in the works!


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